Như bông hoa tươi đẹp, có sắc lại thêm hương; cũng vậy, lời khéo nói, có làm, có kết quả.Kinh Pháp cú (Kệ số 52)

Nếu người nói nhiều kinh, không hành trì, phóng dật; như kẻ chăn bò người, không phần Sa-môn hạnh.Kinh Pháp cú (Kệ số 19)
Chúng ta nên hối tiếc về những sai lầm và học hỏi từ đó, nhưng đừng bao giờ mang theo chúng vào tương lai. (We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us. )Lucy Maud Montgomery
Hãy thận trọng với những hiểu biết sai lầm. Điều đó còn nguy hiểm hơn cả sự không biết. (Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.)George Bernard Shaw
Hạnh phúc chân thật là sự yên vui, thanh thản mà mỗi chúng ta có thể đạt đến bất chấp những khó khăn hay nghịch cảnh. Tủ sách Rộng Mở Tâm Hồn
Chúng ta trở nên thông thái không phải vì nhớ lại quá khứ, mà vì có trách nhiệm đối với tương lai. (We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.)George Bernard Shaw
Hạnh phúc đích thực không quá đắt, nhưng chúng ta phải trả giá quá nhiều cho những thứ ta lầm tưởng là hạnh phúc. (Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit.)Hosea Ballou
Có những người không nói ra phù hợp với những gì họ nghĩ và không làm theo như những gì họ nói. Vì thế, họ khiến cho người khác phải nói những lời không nên nói và phải làm những điều không nên làm với họ. (There are people who don't say according to what they thought and don't do according to what they say. Beccause of that, they make others have to say what should not be said and do what should not be done to them.)Rộng Mở Tâm Hồn
Đừng làm một tù nhân của quá khứ, hãy trở thành người kiến tạo tương lai. (Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future. )Robin Sharma
Tôi không thể thay đổi hướng gió, nhưng tôi có thể điều chỉnh cánh buồm để luôn đi đến đích. (I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.)Jimmy Dean
Chúng ta không thể đạt được sự bình an nơi thế giới bên ngoài khi chưa có sự bình an với chính bản thân mình. (We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.)Đức Đạt-lai Lạt-ma XIV

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It seems reasonable to deduce that the secret deal made at the United Nations hasn't
worked. Dismayingly, however, the talk as I write is all of improving relations with Iran
still further, while the 'Rushdie case' is described as a sideissue.
Is this a balloon I'm in, or the dustbin of history?
Let me be clear: there is nothing I can do to break this impasse. The fatwa was politically
motivated to begin with, it remains a breach of international law, and it can only be
solved at the political level. To effect the release of the western hostages in the Lebanon,
great levers were moved; great forces were brought into play; for Mr. Richter 70 million in
frozen Iraqi assets were 'thawed'. What, then, is a novelist under terrorist attack worth?
Despair murmurs, once again: 'Not a plugged nickel.'
But I refuse to give in to despair. You may ask why I'm so sure there's nothing I can do to
help myself out of this jam.
At the end of 1990, dispirited and demoralized, feeling abandoned, even then, in
consequence of the British government's decision to patch things up with Iran, and with
my marriage at an end, I faced my deepest grief, my unquenchable sorrow at having been
torn away from, cast out of, the cultures and societies from which I'd always drawn my
strength and inspiration that is, the broad community of British Asians, and the broader
community of Indian Muslims. I determined to make my peace with Islam, even at the
cost of my pride. Those who were surprised and displeased by what I did perhaps failed
to see that I was not some deracinated Uncle Tom Wog.
To these people it was apparently incomprehensible that I should seek to make peace
between the warring halves of the world, which were also the warring halves of my soul
and that I should seek to do so in a spirit of humility, instead of the arrogance so often
attributed to me.
In 'In Good Faith' I wrote: 'Perhaps a way forward might be found through the mutual
recognition of [our] mutual pain', but even moderate Muslims had trouble with this
notion: what pain, they asked, could I possibly have suffered? What was I talking about?
As a result, the really important conversations I had in this period were with myself.
I said: Salman, you must send a message loud enough to be heard all over the world.
You must make ordinary Muslims see that you aren't their enemy, and make the west
understand a little more of the complexity of Muslim culture. It was my hope that
westerners might say, well, if he's the one in danger, and yet he's willing to acknowledge
the importance of his Muslim roots, then perhaps we ought to start thinking a little less
stereotypically ourselves. (No such luck, though. The message you send isn't always the
one that's received.)


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