Cỏ làm hại ruộng vườn, tham làm hại người đời. Bố thí người ly tham, do vậy được quả lớn.Kinh Pháp Cú (Kệ số 356)

Người ta vì ái dục sinh ra lo nghĩ; vì lo nghĩ sinh ra sợ sệt. Nếu lìa khỏi ái dục thì còn chi phải lo, còn chi phải sợ?Kinh Bốn mươi hai chương
Chúng ta không thể giải quyết các vấn đề bất ổn của mình với cùng những suy nghĩ giống như khi ta đã tạo ra chúng. (We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.)Albert Einstein
Kẻ ngốc nghếch truy tìm hạnh phúc ở xa xôi, người khôn ngoan gieo trồng hạnh phúc ngay dưới chân mình. (The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet. )James Oppenheim
Chúng ta thay đổi cuộc đời này từ việc thay đổi trái tim mình. (You change your life by changing your heart.)Max Lucado
Đừng chờ đợi những hoàn cảnh thật tốt đẹp để làm điều tốt đẹp; hãy nỗ lực ngay trong những tình huống thông thường. (Do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action; try to use ordinary situations. )Jean Paul
Người khôn ngoan chỉ nói khi có điều cần nói, kẻ ngu ngốc thì nói ra vì họ buộc phải nói. (Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something. )Plato
Nụ cười biểu lộ niềm vui, và niềm vui là dấu hiệu tồn tại tích cực của cuộc sống.Tủ sách Rộng Mở Tâm Hồn
Điều khác biệt giữa sự ngu ngốc và thiên tài là: thiên tài vẫn luôn có giới hạn còn sự ngu ngốc thì không. (The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.)Albert Einstein
Nếu muốn đi nhanh, hãy đi một mình. Nếu muốn đi xa, hãy đi cùng người khác. (If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.)Ngạn ngữ Châu Phi
Trời sinh voi sinh cỏ, nhưng cỏ không mọc trước miệng voi. (God gives every bird a worm, but he does not throw it into the nest. )Ngạn ngữ Thụy Điển

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My dear fellow citizens, for forty years you heard from my predecessors on this day
different variations of the same theme; how our country flourished, how many million
tons of steel we produced, how happy we all were, how we trusted our government, and
what bright perspectives were unfolding in front of us.
I assume you did not propose me for this office so that I, too, would lie to you.
Our country is not flourishing. The enormous creative and spiritual potential of our
nation is not being used sensibly. Entire branches of industry are producing goods
which are of no interest to anyone, while we are lacking the things we need. A state
which calls itself a workers' state humiliates and exploits workers. Our obsolete economy
is wasting the little energy we have available. A country that once could be proud of the
educational level of its citizens spends so little on education that it ranks today as
seventysecond in the world. We have polluted our soil, our rivers and forests,
bequeathed to us by our ancestors, and we have today the most contaminated
environment in Europe. Adult people in our country die earlier than in most other
European countries...
But all this is still not the main problem. The worst thing is that we live in a contaminated
moral environment. We fell morally ill because we became used to saying something
different from what we thought. We learned not to believe in any thing, to ignore each
other, to care only about ourselves. Concepts such as love, friendship, compassion,
humility, or forgiveness lost their depth and dimensions, and for many of us they
represented only psychological peculiarities, or they resembled goneastray greetings
from ancient times, a little ridiculous in the era of computers and spaceships. Only a few
of us were able to cry out loud that the powers that be should not be allpowerful, and
that special farms, which produce ecologically pure and topquality food just for them,
should send their produce to schools, children's homes, and hospitals if our agriculture
was unable to offer them to all. The previous regime armed with its arrogant and
intolerant ideology reduced man to a force of production and nature to a tool of
production. In this it attacked both their very substance and their mutual relationship.
It reduced gifted and autonomous people, skillfully working in their own country, to nuts
and bolts of some monstrously huge, noisy, and stinking machine, whose real meaning
is not clear to anyone. It cannot do more than slowly but inexorably wear down itself and
all its nuts and bolts.
When I talk about contaminated moral atmosphere, I am not talking just about the
gentlemen who eat organic vegetables and do not look out of the plane windows. I am
talking about all of us. We had all become used to the totalitarian system and accepted it
as an unchangeable fact and thus helped to perpetuate it. In other words, we are all
though naturally to differing extents responsible for the operation of the totalitarian
machinery; none of us is just its victim: we are all also its cocreators.


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