Nhà lợp không kín ắt bị mưa dột. Tâm không thường tu tập ắt bị tham dục xâm chiếm.Kinh Pháp cú (Kệ số 13)

Dễ thay thấy lỗi người, lỗi mình thấy mới khó.Kinh Pháp cú (Kệ số 252)
Nếu muốn có những điều chưa từng có, bạn phải làm những việc chưa từng làm.Sưu tầm
Trời không giúp những ai không tự giúp mình. (Heaven never helps the man who will not act. )Sophocles
Lửa nào sánh lửa tham? Ác nào bằng sân hận? Khổ nào sánh khổ uẩn? Lạc nào bằng tịnh lạc?Kinh Pháp Cú (Kệ số 202)
Ai dùng các hạnh lành, làm xóa mờ nghiệp ác, chói sáng rực đời này, như trăng thoát mây che.Kinh Pháp cú (Kệ số 173)
Người nhiều lòng tham giống như cầm đuốc đi ngược gió, thế nào cũng bị lửa táp vào tay. Kinh Bốn mươi hai chương
Niềm vui cao cả nhất là niềm vui của sự học hỏi. (The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.)Leonardo da Vinci
Nhà lợp không kín ắt bị mưa dột. Tâm không thường tu tập ắt bị tham dục xâm chiếm.Kinh Pháp cú (Kệ số 13)
Chúng ta không làm gì được với quá khứ, và cũng không có khả năng nắm chắc tương lai, nhưng chúng ta có trọn quyền hành động trong hiện tại.Tủ sách Rộng Mở Tâm Hồn
Muôn việc thiện chưa đủ, một việc ác đã quá thừa.Tủ sách Rộng Mở Tâm Hồn

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Throughout history, people have dreamed about a special place, remote from the dayto
day business world. Sometimes, they have thought of this place as an enchanted world
where the weather is always good, and food is always easy to get. Sometimes, it has
been a hidden valley in the mountains, or an island far out at sea. When the Europeans
arrived in the South Pacific, they thought that they had found it. Islands such as Tahiti
seemed about as perfect as possible. Nowadays, our cities grow larger and larger, and
people have to work harder and harder to succeed. Many people would like to escape to
a quieter, slower, more peaceful, more attractive environment.
When summer holidays come, many people travel to Prince Edward Island in Eastern
Canada. It has a mild summer climate, and hardly ever gets too hot or dry. The fields,
trees, and crops stay green all summer. In fact, P.E.I. is famous for the many shades of
green on the island. Its soil and dirt roads are red because of iron oxide in the soil. And
visitors are never far away from the blue waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. In late June
and early July, the roadsides are covered with large purple flowers called lupins. The
vivid colours of P.E.I. help make the province a photographer's paradise.
Prince Edward Island is almost 100 miles long and about 20 miles wide. It is small
enough that a tourist can see much of the Island in a couple of days. But there are
enough interesting things to see and do that most people like to stay longer.
One of the chief traditional occupations is fishing. At one time, fishing was an important
source of food and income for many islanders. Now the fisheries are in decline; boat
owners find it more profitable to take tourists out to fish than to fish themselves.
Lobsters and shellfish are still important to the Island, which is famous for its lobster
suppers. Tourists can visit many picturesque little fishing villages all around the
Farming is also important. P.E.I. is famous for its potatoes, which are exported all over
the world. Dairy farming is also common, and local ice cream is popular with tourists.
Apple orchards, grain fields, hay fields, and vegetable gardening are also widely found.
During the era of sailing ships, a lot of shipbuilding took place on the Island. But as steel
hulls replaced wooden hulls, shipbuilding moved to regions where steel was being
produced. The full impact of the industrial revolution has never hit P.E.I. Farming, fishing
and tourism have remained the chief industries. There are no large cities on the Island.
So, if young people want to go to the big city, they have to leave P.E.I. The majority of
Island people prefer to live in small towns and villages, just as their ancestors did.
Since there wasn't much industry on the Island, many people did not have a lot of money.
As a result, they made do with their old houses, old furniture, and old ways of doing
things. This is why visitors to P.E.I. sometimes feel like they are going back in time.
Things on the Island seem like they are still the way things were in our parents' or
grandparents' day.
Most of the people who live on the Island are descended from British immigrants in the
eighteenth or nineteenth centuries. The majority of these were from Scotland, and the
Scottish heritage remains strong. There are also some Micmac Indians and some French
Canadians, or Acadians. The Island has generally avoided social and political strife, and
this contributes to the peaceful atmosphere.
Islanders welcome people from away as tourists. However, some say that to be a true
Islander, you have to be born on the Island. Nonetheless, some tourists have fallen in
love with P.E.I. and have gone there to live.
A couple of years ago, a bridge was built to connect the Island with the mainland. Many
opposed this fixed link, saying that it would destroy the special P.E.I. atmosphere. It
remains to be seen whether the Island will change, now that tourists can drive directly on
to the rich, red soil.


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